八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ

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八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ

アート作品を陶器に落とし込んだ、「Art Pottery」シリーズのご紹介です。

Introducing the "Art Pottery" series, which incorporates artwork into pottery. Using a technique called UV printing, the artwork is printed on a plain piece of pottery.

タイトル title / Next to heaven
エディション edition / 20
サイン autograph / 表面左下にアーティスト直筆サインとナンバリング(Signed and numbered by the artist on the lower left of the front surface)
技法 technique / UV印刷(UV printing)

▼クリックで高解像度の画像をご覧いただけます。(Click to view high-resolution image.)
八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ

Admire Nanako Yashiro's aesthetically pleasing illustrations

Art Potteryシリーズ第二弾をお願いしたのは、アーティストの八館ななこさん。「Next to heaven」と題した作品は、八館さんの耽美な世界観を存分に表現した特別な一枚です。

For the second installment of the Art Pottery series, we asked artist Nanako Yashiro. The work titled "Next to Heaven" is a special piece that fully expresses Ms. Yashiro's aesthetic view of the world.


Yashiro nanaco

1998年生まれ、東京都在住の画家・イラストレーター。主にアクリルガッシュで作品を手がける。 2021年より「八館ななこ作品集Wonderland」を出版。2022年-2023年には米国(ロサンゼル ス)、台湾(台南)で個展を開催。

Born in 1998, painter and illustrator living in Tokyo. She works mainly with acrylic gouache. Published "Nanako Yashiro Works Wonderland" in 2021, and held solo exhibitions in the U.S. (Los Angeles) and Taiwan (Tainan) in 2022-2023.
Web site | https://potofu.me/yashironanaco

▼「Next to heaven」シリーズはこちら
m.m.d. / Art Pottery / 八館ななこ「Next to heaven」シリーズ
m.m.d. / Art Pottery / 八館ななこ「Next to heaven」シリーズ

One-of-a-kind art projected on ceramics

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ


As a pottery brand "m.m.d.," the company has been pursuing the possibilities of pottery and has developed various products such as tableware, camping pottery, and aroma stones. The pottery on which Mr. Hachikan's work is printed is Setoyaki, or Seto ware. Many of you must be thinking, "Why ceramics for art prints? I am sure many of you must be wondering "Why ceramics to print art? Please allow me to explain in detail.



Pottery is actually one of the most durable materials around us. You may know that tea utensils made long ago are still in existence and are of high quality. Because it is not easily damaged and is not easily affected by humidity and temperature, it can be displayed in any place and can be enjoyed like an ornament forever.

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ


We hope you will enjoy these beautiful original reproductions, only 20 of which are available in the world, at a place that is important to you.

"UV printing" is a printing technique that was arrived at by focusing on reproduction


We use a technique called UV printing to print original reproductions. UV printing is a technique in which UV ink is irradiated with ultraviolet light to dry the ink instantly.

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ
写真は既に販売終了している「イケガミヨリユキ 複製原画「春うらら」」です

Since no drying process is required, any material can be printed on, and the texture of the material can be printed on while maintaining its original quality. Since no finishing materials are used, powder and other substances do not adhere to the surface, and even the finest nuances can be expressed clearly.

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ
経験豊かな職人さんの手によって印刷が進められていきます。(写真は既に販売終了している「イケガミヨリユキ 複製原画「春うらら」」です)
八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ


By employing UV printing, the texture can be enjoyed as if it were painted directly on the ceramic with a paintbrush.


The lower left side of the front page is personally signed by Mr. Hachikan and has an edition number.

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ
サインとエディションナンバーの文字色や雰囲気はそれぞれ異なる場合がございます。The text color and atmosphere of the signature and edition number may vary from each other.
八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ


Each piece is carefully framed by a framing specialist.

Purchase Benefits

m.m.d. / Art Pottery / 八館ななこ「Next to heaven」シリーズ

「Next to heaven」シリーズを3,300円以上ご購入のみなさまに、オリジナル書き下ろしシールをプレゼントいたします。数量限定なので、お早めにチェックいただけたら幸いです。

We will be giving away an original newly written sticker to everyone who purchases "Next to heaven" series for 3,300 yen or more. The quantity is limited, so we hope you will check it out as soon as possible.

八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ
線の例(写真は既に販売終了している「イケガミヨリユキ 複製原画「春うらら」」です)

Reproductions of the original "Next to heaven"
■Product size
215mm (width) x 215mm (depth) x 25mm (height)
■Ordering Notes
This product comes with the artwork, frame, and box.
This is a product to which the bulk discount does not apply.
The actual colors may look different depending on the monitor settings of your PC or smartphone, or the lighting in your home. Please understand this in advance.
This product is framed with the utmost care to prevent it from falling. Please refrain from removing it from the frame.
Please use suitable metal fittings to fix the picture firmly when hanging it on the wall, as studs, hooks, etc. are not included.
Please refrain from using the product in places where it is exposed to strong sunlight.
Due to the characteristics of ceramic products, light may cause thin lines to appear as shown in the photo.
八館ななこ 複製原画「Next to heaven」/ Art Potteryシリーズ
Example of lines (The photo shows "Ikegami Yoriyuki: Haru Urara," an original reproduction of a painting by Ikegami Yoriyuki, which has already been discontinued.)


当店オリジナルブランド、「 m.m.d. 」は、愛知県瀬戸市で製作されている「瀬戸焼」のものが中心です。